Peter Day, Acupuncturist

Hello I’m Peter Day. As a registered acupuncturist I help people find relief from nagging pains and other health concerns using powerful but gentle Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities.

Chinese medicine utilizes a theory of opposites, which says that one extreme will eventually change into its counterpart. In my case, a fascination with modern science at a young age later turned into a passion for traditional medicine. But before that happened, I developed a nagging case of tendonitis in my elbows from rock climbing. Conventional medicine wasn’t helping, so a friend suggested I try acupuncture. A series of acupuncture treatments both fixed my elbows, and turned my attention to Eastern medicine and philosophy.

I believe that the means to better health have been known for centuries, and that these wholesome principles are written in ancient texts. As modern research matures, traditional medicines, once disregarded by scientists as nonsense, are becoming highly esteemed in the medical community for their effectiveness. The simple act of meditation has been proven to benefit a host of complaints including high blood pressure, insomnia, and chronic pain.

While optimal health is a desire that most of us share, our bodies don’t necessarily cooperate. New-age ideas suggest that our bodies have a fantastic self-healing capability. If this were 100% true then we would never get sick. My experience has shown that our bodies instead will take the most efficient route possible when dealing with injuries, which doesn’t always correspond with healing. But we can try to change the way our bodies adapt to injuries and stress by pointing our healing systems in the right direction.

As you can imagine, ‘pointing in the right direction’ is something that acupuncture can do quite handily. But no two practitioners are the same. I received my acupuncture training at MacEwan University’s three-year program in Edmonton. Before that I obtained a degree in biology at the University of Western Ontario. My in-depth knowledge of Chinese medicine coupled with my science background allows me to see the body from a holistic perspective, which helps me to accurately uncover the root of my patient’s problems.

I draw my inspiration from Taoism, Integral thinkers like Ken Wilber, and my two young daughters who teach me something of myself on a regular basis. I believe that we are in a journey of growth. If pain or anything else has diverted you from your life’s path of continual self-betterment then give me a call to see if acupuncture is right for you.

-Peter Day, R.Ac., B.Sc.